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Compact yet powerful, medium duty gas fryer, perfect for crispy fries, vegetables, chicken and more. The open pot design allows for quick and easy cleaning as the tank is fully accessible to the user. The cold zone prolongs oil life and reduces running costs.


Gas Fryer, single tank

Capacity: 8/10 litres

Power: 9.9 kW

Dim.: 400x700x300 mm

Basket: 200x310x120 mm



For high-volume fast food businesses, this twin tank countertop gas fryer is a perfect solution. Powerful, reliable and energy-efficient, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

Manufactured using best quality materials and advanced technology components, it will be your loyal partner for many years.

Gas Fryer, double tank

Capacity : 16/20 litres 

Power: 19.8 kW 

Dim.: 800x700x300 mm 

Basket: 200x310x120mm



A high performance, flat bottomed gas fryer for busy operations serving a wide variety of fried foods. It boasts incredible power and efficiency. The stainless steel, tubeless tank allows for quick and easy cleaning and the various basket sizes it accommodates provide excellent convenience and flexibility. The built-in manual filtration system extends oil life and guarantees quality fried food.


Gas fryer, single tank

Capacity: 15 litres

Power: 12 kW

Dim.: 400x700x850(985) mm

Basket: 340x310x110mm / 2p 340x150x110mm

Oil filtration tank



This 20 litres gas pasta cooker combines advanced technology with high performance and efficiency. It features a tap for easy water filling, overflow drain for starch free cooking and a variety of basket sizes for greater flexibility during rush hours. 


Gas Pasta Cooker, single tank 

Capacity: 20 litres

Power: 9 kW

Dimensions: 400x700x850(985) mm

*baskets are not included

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